Automatic media library updates for Kodi media center

Automatic media library updates for Kodi media centre
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After new content has been loaded to Kodi’s storage locations, a media library update is required to add this content to the front-end.

This post will show how to automate the media library update process by installing an auto library updater for Kodi.


By default, Kodi’s media library can be updated manually or each time the system boots up (System -> Video -> Library settings -> Update library on startup).

Kodi library settings
You can activate ‘Update library on startup’ in the Kodi Library Settings.

Library Auto Update Add-on for Kodi

This Library Updater is available through Kodi (over the internet) and will update music and/or video libraries according to the times you specified (either per 24 hours or a Cron-based timer).

To get this add-on, from System go to Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from repository. Choose the Kodi add-on repository and then Program add-ons. Scroll down and Install Library Auto Update.

Kodi Library Auto Updater
Kodi Add-on information screen.

After the add-on has been downloaded and enabled (installed), go back to Library Auto Update and choose Configure. The configuration settings from here should be easy to go through.

To change the Library Auto Update settings again in the future you can find the add-on under Programs and use the context menu (right-click or press ‘C’) to access the options.


This post showed how to automate the media library update process by installing an auto library updater for Kodi.

Raspberry Pi accessories

To get started with Kodi on the Raspberry Pi, you might need some of the following accessories.

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