Introducing WinSMS – Offering top SMS solutions

Introducing WinSMS - Offering Top SMS Solutions
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WinSMS is a South African based, online SMS portal and solution provider with various renovating and useful products and product packages. WinSMS forms part of Dolsin Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd. who focuses on researching and developing cost effective messaging solutions.

Short message service (or SMS) is one of the older, but still popular ways for people to communicate with each other using their mobile phones. For the average person, WinSMS makes it easy and more affordable to buy SMS packages and send SMSs to multiple recipeints.

WinSMS‘ easy-to-use billing process allows for a set amount of SMSs to be purchased upfront which can then be used as is, or in most forms of their services. Single or bulk SMSs can be send from a Windows PC or laptop through their Client Zone and/or Desktop Client or from a smartphone using their Mobi Portal.

The WinSMS API functionality makes it possible to incorporate SMS sending and receiving services into custom programming for database applications, custom software and web sites. Various sample code for programming languages such as Python and PHP is supplied. This also makes for a good way to incorporate SMSs into home automation and home security projects.

One SMS credit is up to 160 characters, but long SMSs up to 960 characters long can also be send (for the equivalent amount of credits).

The WinSMS Client Zone

After sighning up for an account (try out their free trial now), everything is managed through their online WinSMS Client Zone. This makes it easy to buy and keep track of SMS credits and navigate through all the services they offer. Some of the highlites include:

  • Email to SMS
  • Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service
  • SMS Short Codes (paid for service)
  • SMS to international destinations (at additional rates)

Things such as their affiliate program, logs, download links and API information is also managed from here.

Replies to SMSs are free and automatically send to your registered email address. By opting for replies to be send to your mobile number instead standard rates will apply.

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