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ESP8266 5V Wi-Fi relay switch modules

ESP8266 5V Wi-Fi Relay Switch Modules

ESP8266 5V Wi-Fi relay switch modules are Wi-Fi enabled, relay power switches with an ESP-01 board. They can be controlled wirelessly from smart devices.

Relay switch modules

Relay switch modules are used as high voltage AC switches by connecting a signal and DC power supply to it. These modules are made up by a relay (the ‘heart’), screw terminal connectors, a resistor, diode, capacitor, transistor and LED – making it perfect for electronic hobbyists to use in projects.

Introducing Pocket!

Introducing Pocket

Pocket is a free read-it-later app for power users. In its simplest form it is used for saving web pages (such as articles and blog posts) on one of Pocket’s remote servers where it can be access later again for reading or referencing.