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Creative Commons content on YouTube

YouTube Creative Commons licenses

One of YouTube’s video upload licences is the Creative Commons licence. The important things to know when using content marked with CC licences on YouTube are outlined here.

Need to know about copyright licences for creative works

The Pirate Publisher from Puck Magazine by Joseph Ferdinand Keppler - Restoration by Adam Cuerden

Copyright laws in most countries allow creators lawful ownership of their original, creative works (e.g. images, text, videos, audio, etc). Copyright holders (authors) have the right to determine how their works are used by other people. By applying a copyright licence to a creative work, copyright holders can give permission for others to use that work in ways that would otherwise infringe copyright law.

Scooter Steve

Scooter Steve

So Stevie has discovered that the Harley-Davidson back seat makes a nice high place to “hide” from “Wors” my dog and to stalk my other cat, “Bonnie”.