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Although Flickr is all about photos and videos, their logo consists of two simple colours, namely blue and pink. These two colours work well together and can easily paired with white or black too.

Colour name
Hex code RGB value SMYK composite
    #000000 0,0,0 75,68,67,90
    #ffffff 255,255,255 0,0,0,0
    Flickr blue
    #0063dc 0,99,220 84,63,0,0
    Flickr pink
    #ff0084 255,0,132 0,97,10,0

Using Flickr colours in CSS

As mentioned previously, the Flickr colours go well with white and black. For websites, white looks a bit better against a white body background. To style the Flickr colours with CSS, the following CSS can be used:

  background: #0063dc; /* Flickr blue */
  background: #ff0084; /* Flickr pink */
  color: #ffffff /* white */

This will give the following colour results:

Flickr colour example

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