White clouds, blue sky colour palette

White clouds, blue sky colour scheme
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The White Clouds, Blue Sky colour palette is a perfect mixture of openness and tranquillity. It consists of 5 colours which are denim, true blue, white, vivid ceruean and processed cyan.

When looking for some positive inspiration, look no further than the sky. The White Clouds, Blue Sky colour palette is a nice, clean classic colour combination. White text is often used on blue or blueish backgrounds.

This combination of colours is also popularly used to create artificial sky scenes in graphic software such as Blender and Photoshop.

A clean, clear sky is characterised by shades of blue (light to dark). Blue is said to be the result of scattering of the suns rays through the particles of the atmosphere.

Clouds are the accumulation of water in the sky. As the sun’s rays pass through them, white is created as a result of multiple rays scattering more or less equally in all directions.

Colour name
Hex code RGB value SMYK composite
    #1661BE 22,97,190 0.884,0.489,0,0.254
    True Blue
    #0C7ECF 12,126,207 0.942,0.391,0,0.188
    #ffffff 255,255,255 0,0,0,0
    Vivid Cerulean
    #019CE0 1,156,224 0.995,0.303,0,0.121
    Processed Cyan
    #00B9F2 0,185,242 1,0.235,0,0.050

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