The mysterious Mussolini cocktail

The Mysterious Mussolini Coctail
Renier Delport

After a seriously long drought of cocktail hunting, while out with a couple of friends, I accidentally stumbled upon the what ended up as being a bit of a random cocktail, the Mussolini.

The place was C-Bali, an awesome local restaurant and beach bar. After some time having enough courage again to actually investigate, this strong, bittersweet cocktail was on the Behind the Scenes menu again.

The Mysterious Mussolini Coctail


Doing some research, it seems like sources are a bit weary on the origins of this cocktail, but I cannot help thinking it was probably named after the the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini – who sounded like quite a radical guy. Some say that it is definitely the case with THIS cocktail because of its high alcohol content, but if it was indeed the case, this cocktail lives up to its expectations.


Now as some of you might know that traditionally the Mussolini is a very colourful cocktail served in a martini/cocktail or even shot glasses – probably because of its “radical” nature, but this mysterious Mussolini Cocktail was served quite boldly in a highball glass.

The decoration fitted the theme for C-Bali – a slice of pineapple pricked with a sweet red cherry, a pineapple leaf, a few red cherries inside and two straws.

Ingredients & preparation

On the C-Bali menu, this Mussolini cocktail is described as “Premium vodka, Cuban light rum, premium Tequila, premium Gin, Triple Sec and Cherry sourz shaken with fresh lemon. Served tall over ice, charged with lemonade and finished with a Stroh rum float.” I can’t remember the exact sequence of pouring , but our bartender’s name was Sisi. Maybe an update later on the exact preparations.

Update (5 February 2017):

  • Tall glass filled with ice
  • 1 shot of Strawberry liqueur
  • 1 shot of Cherry sourz
  • 1 shot of Tequila
  • 1 shot of white rum
  • 1 shot of vodka
  • 1 shot of Cane spirit
  • 1 shot of Gin
  • Top up with Sprite
  • Add sweet red cherries
  • 1 shot Stroh rum (60)
  • Garnish
  • Present

I don’t know where the Tripple Sec came in, but I suppose it can be shaken in there somewhere.


Somewhat bitter taste in the beginning, going onto sweet as you work your way down. Very strong right through. Quite thirst quenching and need to be enjoyed as a slow drink. It can also stirred up


The apparently (deserving) popular “Mysterious” Mussolini Cocktail is definitely one for the bucket list. It it both a memorable cocktail and has the ability to create memories with some friends.


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