The Boksburg Bomb

The Boksburg Bomb
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Now I’m sure most of us has heard about the Jägerbomb, but have you ever heard about The Boksburg Bomb? Bet you didn’t if you’re not from the South African East Rand! Now I’ve specifically used “THE” Boksburg Bomb, because it is DA bomb!

So I was invited for a drinks night out with a local, ex-Boksburger and a friend. It was rough, is all I can say at this point in time. The so-called Boksburg Bomb is a bomb shot mixed drink containing Red Bull, a shot of Tequila and shot of Stroh rum. I don’t actually think it matters what Tequila is used, because it’s going to set you and your taste buds back quite a bit. Although it was quite surprising how the Red Bull broke the strong burning sensation.

You’re suppose to serve the drink like it is showed in the picture – whiskey glass with about 2-3 shots of Red Bull and the two shots of Stroh and Tequila in separated tot glasses balanced next to each other on the inside of the glass. When you drink The Boksburg Bomb, you’re suppose to take the Tequila shot out and down it while the Stroh tot spills over into the Red Bull creating a bit of a fizz, and then down that immediately afterwards.

The Boksburg Bomb will definitely send shivers down your spine. One or two of these will make for a good opening drink to a great evening out with some good friends!

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