Suit of Powered Armour (reversed engineered version)

Suit Of Powered Armour (reversed engineered version)
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This is yet another Tony Stark suit, albeit modified, from the Iron Man movies. The Suit of Powered Armour, featured in the 2008 version of Iron Man, was originally made in a cave by Tony and was reversed engineered to be bigger and stronger by Stane, also the CEO of Stark Enterprises.

This huge suit came with a massive machine gun, rockets and the armour was thick enough to withstand heavy enemy fire. The suit was also flexible enough to fly (although those rocket thrusters looked a bit environment UNfliendly) and was more than competent in physical combat.

Suit Of Powered Armour (reversed engineered version)
“I’m deeply enjoying the suit.”
Suit Of Powered Armour (reversed engineered version)
“Nothing is going to stand in my way.”
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