Pursuit of the perfect Bloody Mary part 5 (final)

Pursuit to the Perfect Bloody Mary Newscafe
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Back home, I couldn’t go to bed without trying out my own attempt of a Bloody Mary – just to incorporate all the “various new little things” we’ve just learned.

Okay so I’ve used the standard recipe, ice cubes, 1 third Vodka, tomato juice (Hall’s Tomato Cocktail juice), dash of Worcestershire sauce drop of Tabasco sauce, salt, pepper, shake up in the cocktail mixer. Poured into a highball glass with a slice of lemon as decoration.

The taste was the same. I think the atmosphere will be perfect with a few friends, maybe around a fire or in the living room with a bunch of friends. The presentation is somewhat basic, maybe something to get a new conversation starting or evens something to laugh about. All-in-all, worth the effort of making at home.

The Bloody Mary is a classic, enjoyable, easy to prepare, healthy drink. To be enjoyed alone or with friends. It has a somewhat acquired taste, probably not to everyone’s taste, but surely worth a try.

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