MEKA Mobile Exoskeleton

Mobile Exoskeletal Korean Army aka MEKA
Image probably belongs to Blizzard Entertainment
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The Mobile Exoskeleton, or ‘Mobile Exoskeletal Korean Army’ aka MEKA as it say on the side, is an agile, fighting, futuristic mech from Blizzard‘s 2016 first person shooter game, Overwatch.

In the game, the MEKA is presented as a vibrant mech used by the young female character, D.Va (@CharletChung), to fight the forces of evil.

Although the game version of the mech is really difficult not to spot and (by default) comes in a very feminine pink version,┬áthis generation of MEKAs was developed by the South Korean government to fight off a “colossal omnic monstrosity” which terrorised their coastal cities from time to time.

The MEKAs come equipped with two fusion cannons, boosters and an attacking defense matrix/targeting array.

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