Bright autumn colour scheme

Bright autumn colour scheme
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The bright autumn colour scheme has very strong shades of orange and brown.

Colour name
Hex code RGB value SMYK composite
    Bright autumn dark brown
    #380202 56,2,2 51,80,72,76
    Bright autumn red
    #9a0501 154,5,1 24,100,100,24
    Bright autumn brown
    #7e2d00 126,45,0 30,86,100,38
    Bright autumn light brown
    #b64621 182,70,33 21,84,100,11
    Bright autumn orange
    #f55203 245,82,3 0,82,100,0
    Bright autumn yellow
    #ffc95f 255,201,95 0,22,72,0
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